abril 11, 2021

BM SEO TOOL: the productivity tool for SEO and developers

Optimizing a website within this digital environment requires a good task of investigating the actions carried out by the competition, which will help us understand how we stand out against them and what we can improve on.

To discover it, the best thing we can do is focus on SEO tools, which will be very effective for us when carrying out a complete analysis of our competition.

There are many aspects that we will have to take into account when carrying out the web positioning of our company, such as the analysis of competitors, the domain or the keywordsthat must be taken into account. However, once you are entering the world of SEO, you will realize that there are many tasks that are repeated in the day to day as SEO.

Some examples of this are automatically opening tabs, scraping content or analyzing the on-page of a certain url, among others.

CRO Buenamanera has developed BM_SEO TOOL, a very useful digital marketing tool

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All these small gestures, which last seconds or minutes, throughout the year can represent hours of our time, and, under this premise, the CRO Buenamanera agency has developed BM_SEO TOOL, a very useful digital marketing tool.

It is a free SEO extension for Chrome that is focused on facilitating SEO tasks and increasing productivity, and that can also be very useful for other types of online marketing or web development profiles.

This extension, which is a compilation of bookmarlets for SEO, has different functionalities for SEO, such as keyword research, domain and on-page auditing, WPO, link analysis or duplicate content, among others.

It also allows you to perform scraping functions of Google search results, Google image tags, external or internal links on a page or Google’s FAQ. In addition to having other functionalities such as knowing the Analytics id or Tag Manager or the DOM load speed calculation.

You can install BM_SEO TOOL and download the free guide for using the tool to get the most out of it.

Analyzing the competition, in a context as difficult and digital as the current one, should be a daily task that requires continuous updating. Therefore, we must consider all the tools that facilitate and expedite this work.

And it is that, a good SEO strategy, combined with good content, competitive prices and quality services, will make any business succeed and be among the first results offered by search engines.

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