abril 11, 2021

How does web hosting affect your SEO?

Hosting website

Web hosting or hosting is the space where the files of your website are stored so that it is visible to everyone. And how do users view these files? Well, through the domain that you are going to use.

Hosts or web hosts differ according to how they are organized on a server. Thus, we find five different types of web hosting:

Shared hosting

Dedicated hosting

Elastic Hosting

Private Virtual Server

Cloud Hosting

To know which accommodation to choose, you should review each of the characteristics they offer and assign it best according to your business and your budget. Here you can find a collection of this service that you can buy, always remember that a good web hosting will free you from having various problems with search engines.


The term SEO comes from the phrase in English Search Engine Optimization, which in Spanish means “search engine optimization”, therefore SEO is the process that helps you improve the visibility or positioning of your website in reference to the results organic from different search engines that may exist.

Although web positioning has changed over the years, search engines know certain two important factors to place them in a good position organically: authority and relevance.

Authority: This feature is based on the characteristics of the website and how valuable the information it has can be.

This is the relationship that the site may have with a given search. Until a few years ago it was believed that the more a specific term was repeated the better positioning was achieved; however, this has been ruled out.

And, how to achieve a good positioning? Here are some tips that will help you from day zero of creating your website:

Use keywords

The user often uses some keywords in the search engines, which has made algorithm platforms that specify to position websites in good places vary if it includes the words and phrases that they frequently search for.

That is why the ideal would be for you to identify the key words and phrases that you should use according to the target audience of your website and include them in your articles.

Web de alojamiento

El alojamiento web o hosting es el espacio donde se almacenan los archivos de su sitio web para que este sea visible para todo el mundo. Y, ¿cómo ven los usuarios estos archivos? Pues a través del dominio que vayas a utilizar.

Los alojamientos o alojamientos web se diferencian en función de cómo se organizan en un servidor. Es así que encontramos cinco diferentes tipos de alojamientos web:

Hosting compartido

Hosting dedicado

Hosting elástico

Servidor Virtual Privado

Hospedaje en la nube

Para saber qué alojamiento elegir deberás revisar cada una de las características que estos te ofrecen y asignar se acomoda mejor según tu negocio y tu presupuesto.

Aquí podrás encontrar una colección de dicho servicio que puedas adquirir, recuerda siempre que un buen alojamiento web te librará de tener varios inconvenientes con los buscadores.

Es por eso lo ideal sería que identifiques son las palabras y frases claves que debes usar según el público objetivo al que va dirigido tu página web e incluirlas en tus artículos.

The process of identifying keywords or Keyboards can be done through tools such as the Google Keyboard Tool that allows you to verify all the words that have a good search average.

Have good titles in publications

Although you do not consider it important, the titles it uses for your publications are extremely important, in principle you have to take into account their length. Ideally, the extent of the sea below 55 characters.

In addition to a good headline it must contain the keyword or also known as the keyword, so that your article takes relevance and can be placed in a good position within the search engines.

Length, but with a format that is appropriate

The amount of words in your articles also counts. An article with more than a thousand words will rank better in search engines, however, because it has that length, you should keep in mind that it is attractive and easy to read.

That is why it is recommended that all publications be in a pleasant format and that they include bullets, photos, graphics, etc.

Some studies and SEO specialists have indicated that 90% of the articles read completely on web pages require between 5 to 6 minutes, time that also adds up when you need to position the website of your business.

Include meta descriptions

A website will be easier to locate if it agrees with a meta description or a summary of what it is and where it also includes the keywords that are related to the business category.

This short text will not only serve you for positioning, but can help you when the user finds your website, so it is recommended that you create a description that can convince anyone.

As we have seen, SEO is essential for your business to prosper online. Although we constantly have changes, it is necessary to work in this area to get organic traffic.

Well after knowing the basic concepts of the tools, it is time to know the relationship between web hosting and SEO and how the latter would be affected if you do not have a good space for the website.

Web hosting plays an extremely important role in your positioning, as it is the tool that must ensure that your website has a good performance and is completely safe, to this must be added that it must be ready to receive thousands or millions of visits, thus avoiding some unexpected fall.

If you have chosen a hosting that does not offer any of the aforementioned features, you must change it immediately, because search engines like Google will not be able to position you in important places, which will make you invisible to millions of users worldwide.

These are other characteristics that your hosting must meet to ensure a good positioning:


Server stability


Security Certificates


Although it is not a determining factor to start appearing in search engines, it is when it comes to obtaining first places in words that receive a large number of searches per month.

Many start with some cheap or free hosting for their website, but when they start receiving traffic and sales, they realize that they must migrate to a better option that will help them continue to grow as a company.

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