abril 11, 2021

Keyword study part one

Make a study of keywords

Before starting with SEO, you should think about why you want to be found. If you are not clear why they will find you, you will not be able to make it easy for Google and here it is a question of making it very easy for Google to position you as well as possible.

Google is a small child to whom we must educate, SEO positioning is how we should say who we are, what we do and why I would like to be found.

Analyze your competitors

The websites that are already positioned play with an obvious advantage, in addition, if they are there it is because they have done things well in SEO positioning. Information is power, and having information about your competitors is the best you can have. Predict your next moves. Imagine how the market can evolve in the future and detect threats.

  • Help you predict the next moves of the competition.
  • Spot occasions.
  • Help you make better decisions.

What should you do?

Step 1. Identify your competition

Step 2. Study what kpis have been used Step 2. Study their organic positioning

Step 3. Examine your Paid Advertising

Step 4. Study your rrss

Create a web page that is a Formula 1

Create a web page with a web design that sets you apart from the rest of the competition. But above all, above all, you must create a web page without visual editors, that is Open source, custom programmed and without junk code.

Create a formula 1 to achieve success, if you go with a utility trying to win a race, then do not be surprised when you are moving away from the podium positions. Obviously it will have a higher price than creating a DIVI or any other visual editor but once you have it, you will not regret it because you will get results quickly.

Google is like life itself, it is not the same to drive a sports car as a Dacia and forgive the comparison, but it is so. It is impossible to be able to position a website in Google in the first positions if it contains junk code, has a simple visual editor and is not well optimized.

When someone asks us for a quote saying only, I want a website. This business will last a maximum of six months because he does not know what he is buying. A web page is your work tool, the one that is going to make you earn the money but if you are going to ask for something as if they were potatoes from the starting point, you will decide only for the price and you will have that, potatoes.

Some people think that I better save that money, but ask yourself: How much would you be willing to invest to be in the first places of Google and with this, have order requests or purchases?

We are making an investment to start with the starting box with an advantage, because if we do not start with this basis, we will not achieve our objectives. A utility will never be a formula 1 for many extras that we want to add later.

Quality content

An important part for SEO positioning is the content you are going to include on that website or the descriptions of the product sheets if it is an online store. Content is king in Google so your website must do what it takes to position itself and this requires quantity and quality of content.

If you are going to include three lines for each service, Google is not going to know that you want to position yourself by those terms, remember that Google is like a small child that you must give the information as much chewing as you can. To achieve success and position ourselves first, we must create a good base, from there everything will be easier.

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