abril 11, 2021

Keyword study part Third

The loading speed of our page is a very important SEO positioning factor, for us it can be imperceptible two seconds but Google penalizes for it. There are many tools to examine the loading speed of a page, but they recommend Pagespeed.

Tips for optimizing loading speed

1.- Compress the images to the maximum.

2.- Use Amazon CloudFront as CDN.

3.- Use Cloudflare to improve DNS administration, security and loading speed.

4.- Unify all CSS and .js in a single file

9.- Links off page

The interlinkin or internal links is very important within a web page so that Google understands the relevance of each section, but there are many more reasons.

1.- Because we create relationships and ties with other websites or blogs in our area.

2.- Well, it makes it easier for Google to identify the theme of the article thanks to these relationships.

3.- Because it adds value to the content and complements it.

10.- long URLs

You must use friendly URLs, this is an aspect search engine positioning is basic, for this purpose most of the time we use short URLs, however if we use long URLs and with a more natural format it can also help us a lot. The theory of constructing the URL with a maximum of 5 words is fulfilled in four of the first five results.

Share content

If you facilitate that the contents can be shared on Social Networks we will be able to attract social traffic and make our content known to considerably more people. The most functional way to share content is through:

Share bar on Social Networks.

Share images on Social Networks.

Synonyms and related keywords

Introducing synonyms for our main keyword and related keywords makes content more natural. Google has a database of synonyms by language and is able to locate them and see the relationship with the other terms of the content.

Natural and creative Linkbuilding

Most of classic building link strategies are falling as if it were a house of cards but there are other absolutely natural strategies with which we can achieve high quality links that will lift us to the top positions of the search engine, and that with this we achieve increase domain authority.

It is true that there are Black Hat search engine optimization techniques that still work but if you know me you will know that I always spoke about White Hat SEO techniques, because I do not want you to have problems tomorrow if you continue my advice. These are the most effective building link strategies:

Create impressive content and that causes the Wow effect you will have taken a huge step to achieve fully natural links, and many of them will be from highly authoritative domains.

Create impressive content and that causes the Wow effect you will have taken a huge step to achieve fully natural links, and many of them will be from highly authoritative domains.

You can apply to prizes like Educa.net, 20 minute prizes or the Bitácoras prize

Examples to generate paid backlinks:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Thank you for mentioning

There are two very interesting tools to find out who is talking about you:

Open Site Explorer. Examine your website with the Open Site Explorer tool and click Just-Discovered on the left menu, you will see the people who have recently linked to your website.

Google Alerts. It is one of my brand monitoring tools. You must add all the forms with which you usually appear, they are usually 5 to 10 different combinations.

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