abril 11, 2021

What does or does not work in Digital Marketing and Media Partner

How do the actions of Digital Marketing affect and its impact on the sales of a brand?

An elaborate and well-worked set of techniques and procedures for promoting a company in digital media can lead brands to forget about traditional promotion techniques to attract, And this is turning the impact of it (brand) into a benchmark, once the target we are targeting is segmented. How?

Increasing the number of quality prospects

And it is that, unlike the advertising of yesteryear, digital marketing includes clearly defined inbound objectives, achieving the capture of quality leads that will become, later on, loyal customers and promoters of the company, in their day to day.

Positioning the brand in various channels, the Internet is now omnichannel

Through Inbound Marketing applied to corporate blogs, social networks, eCommerce, mobile apps and land pages, we increase conversions significantly, thanks to the efficient way it uses to reach the audience, satisfying their needs on the channel and at the right time. and using, among others, cookies.

But for these formulas to work, it is tremendously important to work. And the word SEO works very well that everyone, at some point we have heard, but not all of us know how to explain. Or if? Now I tell you, in an easy and simple way.

What is the true importance of SEO in Digital Marketing and Social Media?

One of the most important techniques for a digital marketing strategy and Social Media Plan is optimizing content for search engines (SEO).

Through this method we can ensure that the promotional work on the network is carried out in an organic, efficient and final way, obtaining good results.

And, is that, SEO provides us with several benefits, such as connecting with the needs of the user. On the other hand, working with content based on SEO allows prospects to provide the exact information they are looking for and this, in turn, will bring traffic to your website.

To do this, you must include keywords of short and long range, the same ones that will serve for the user to find the correct content through the engines, when they need them and they will reach you.

In addition, a “well-worked” SEO, with time and patience, will lead you to make your brand recognized through the main search engines.

To do this, optimize images, domains, custom URls … and that’s when the indexing of your website by Google and other search engines will be more effective, by improving an aspect such as loading speed.

Remember that whenever we work on the digital strategy of a company, or personal brand, it is highly relevant to strengthen the prestige and presence of the brand on the network, while at the same time arousing interest among users.

And, the final benefit of SEO positioning is and will be to generate the sales and profits that the company expects, once our sales team correctly picks up the phone and provides the possible client with the information, fair and necessary, that they were looking for .

Growing and growing in an orderly, effective and real way is only possible with the human hand. Do not fool yourself. You can have a great brand image, but very poor telephone and commercial attention and the result will be… (imagine it): “Burnt money, predictable results. Take note of it, reader friend ”.

Which is better: content for the public or content for SEO?

While we are immersed in our tasks, the following question may arise: what is more important; Generate content that connects with the public or that simply positions well on the Internet?

Although some professionals in the sector may be tempted to generate information with abundant keywords in order to position themselves, the answer to this question is extremely simple and direct.

Balance between the two, 50/50 coexistence. Otherwise, you will not arrive.

And this means that it is very necessary to optimize the content properly for SEO positioning but, at the same time, take into account the needs of your audience.

How do the actions of Digital Marketing affect and its impact on the sales of a brand?
Digital Marketing

In short, the quality information prepared based on the appropriate SEO techniques will be the one that generates the most confidence and contributes to a correct web positioning. But, how does quality content affect or condition when generating leads and conversions?

When it comes to Inbound Marketing, content remains the centerpiece of any strategy, and it is very necessary to generate quality content and information to drive your brand. Nor should we forget about a correct optimization for SEO positioning.

That is, that the content has its own style and relevance, so that the result is even better and, above all, objective. Finally, you must provide the user with information to help them resolve doubts and make decisions at each stage of the purchase process.

Your content, the more original, the better

The content must not only be authentic and self-produced, but also offer information, notes and supplements not addressed by the competition.

On the other hand, all prospects will require a specific type of content for each stage of the purchase / consultation process. Therefore, we must provide you with everything you need to help you move forward and resolve doubts. Directly and simply, keeping your attention.

In this way, the highest quality leads will be those that remain at the end, being them with whom firm and lasting business relationships will be established.

Work and develop different formats for different media and channels (remember, the Internet is already omnichannel)

Therefore, in a well-developed digital strategy, it is mandatory to diversify the content, since your audience is increasingly demanding and selective. And each platform and its users are different, although, in the end, your goal is only one, to capture their attention, because selling … that’s something else.

Responsive version

Nowadays not having a sensitive web page is something of a sacrilege, but in case some sailor is despised, to position a web page in the first positions of Google you must have your web page fully optimized.

Google today penalizes web pages that are not responsive so it is a sin not to have this point fully optimized.

A hosting that helps you SEO positioning

Never choose a shared hosting, there are web development companies that rent a virtual space and chop it up, creating hosting where you earn some money but a very poor quality product is available.

Use a specialized hosting company such as Loading, CDmon, Professional Hosting, etc … but as long as it is directly with them because there are web design companies that sell you a shared hosting and you can be penalized by Google, which can be very expensive.

You can lose your job and investment for a long time because you penalize a company that compares hosting with your company. Hosting is a very small expense with a very large performance.

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